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The Casa dei Carrai in Pitigliano, a village in the Tuscan Maremma.
The B&B is in an old house built by my family at the end of 1800, using only tuff





Built with tuff at the end of 1800

La Casa dei Carrai

The Casa dei Carrai was really the home where Carrai lived, that is, craftsmen who built wagons up to the 50’s…

I called the Bed and Breakfast with its real name, as they called the house the oldest inhabitants of the country long ago.
In the same spirit the old shop and the rooms have been refurbished.
Guests often tell me to feel like at home, at friends’ home.

Bed and Breasfast was born for the passion and my desire to live in the Maremma Tuscany.
It is an old family house built using only tuff in the late 1800s.
I have refurbished, changed, improved, colored, but the house has never changed its profile.
It is large and comfortable, with a fully equipped kitchen always at the disposal of the hosts, a large lounge, bookcase and television and free WIFI

The small outside garden is used for breakfast but also for spending an afternoon chatting.

A historic house of the end of 800

Perfect union between ancient and modern

“The House of the Carrians” is actually the home where the carriages, craftsmen who built wagons until the 1950s, lived. I remember that as a child I was fascinated by these craftsmen: the craft of the carriage was, among the “old trades” disappeared, one of the most complex. I often went to the workshop to watch the wheel “circling”, because it was really exciting. When the job was done, the carriages were happy and then the party started! From the jackets came wine flasks, the women carried baking and companion baskets. The shop became a fraser and all down with songs, stories, laughs and wine glasses – The entrance of the old shop, today has been transformed into b&b. When I look around and see this salon, I do not think all that I’ve lived in here. Yet, this is the story of the house of the carriages, a house built by the “Morviducci” family on a plot that once belonged to the Orsini park in Pitigliano. Converted in 2000 to a cozy b & b, the house houses people on vacation with the same intensity they used to accommodate the work of men when it was a shop. For my choice, the rooms bear the names of the women of the “carriages” family … Built with tuff and passion, this house, if you listen to it, tells you its story again.


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